About Us

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Planet FX was founded with the mission to provide the very best currency solutions, all focused around people, relationships, and a strong work ethic.

Here at Planet, we take FX payments back to their core metrics of savings, service, security, and relationship building. We use the latest technology to ensure the fastest and most secure payment transfers.

We also provide expert rate guidance in the market to always ensure the best execution. You will have the added value of you knowing you are building a long-term relationship with us and we will ensure the best price, fast transfers and responsive service at all times to you.

We are specializing in Individual and Corporate foreign exchange payments and products. With a team of people with over 25 years of experience in the FX market.

With banks automating their fx payments and hardwiring profits and processes by cutting back on real people at the other end of an email or phone its refreshing to know that at Planet Fx you can talk to a real person to register, open an account, book deals, make payments, hedge and choose the best timing with the comfort that you have a responsive attentive and capable team to help you every step of the way at the end of a phone call or email.